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Art House Project

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Art House Project


The Art House Project which began in 1988 is an art project in Honmura. Artists show us unique sense of styles by using space of empty houses and memories of the houses. 7 galleries, Minamidera, Ishibashi, Kinza, Kadoya, Haisha, Gokaisho, Go'o Shrine, have been presented to the public. You can experience the cultures and people of Honmura while looking around the art houses among residential areas.


Address *See attached map*
Opening hours 10:00-16:30
* Minamidera opens 10:00-16:15
* Kinza opens 11:00-16:30
Closing days Mondays
Fee ¥1,030
* Common ticket
* Except for Kinza
* Free for children 15 and under