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The White Dormitory


The White Dormitory is a white modern house in a settlement near Ieura port. 80 year-old house has been renovated to a private accommodatoion. Along with Benesse House,it is one of the want-to-stay accommodation for the Seto Inland Sea island fans. You can have a wonderful time with precious ones.


Address 2358, Ieura, Teshima, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture
Capacity Rental House (max 6 people)
Price range from ¥20,000
Phone number +81 879-68-3386+81 879-68-3386

Stay plan

with dinner and breakfast
: ¥20,000
* The room charges are standard price for one night/person. Please check official website or contact the accomodation for accurate charges. Also the charges could be rivised.


individual toilet
individual bath room
soap, shampoo
hair dryer
pajamas, yukata